Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seriously, we did all we could...or Iranians arms have no problems going to Gaza

Yup, we're definitely serious about promoting peace in the Middle East...

"The nation's top military officer said Tuesday the United States did all it could to intercept a suspected arms shipment to Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, but its hands were tied.
Separately, Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other U.S. officials said it is too soon to tell whether the prospect of new U.S. engagement with Iran will bear fruit.
Mullen confirmed that a Cypriot-flagged ship intercepted in the Red Sea last week was carrying Iranian arms and that U.S. authorities suspect that the shipment was ultimately bound for the Gaza Strip, where Hamas and Israel are observing a shaky truce after three weeks of fighting

Ok, Iran's sending a shitload of weapons to the Hamas lowlifes, and we're worried about how Iran's going to take our sissy diplomatic initiative? Ok, I might be reaching here, but if Iran's sending weapons to Hamas, I would say with some confidence that we're not really reaching them...
And we suspect that Iran's sending the weapons to Gaza? We don't actually know? Are you kidding me? We have a network of military satellites and they can't figure that one out? Ok, based on my simple knowledge of geography, the Red Sea heads towards the Suez Canal. If for some reason, and hoo boy, this is entirely hypothetical, the ship actually goes through the canal and hangs a right, chances are pretty good that it's headed for Gaza or at least Syria. See, wasn't so difficult, was it?

" 'The United States did as much as we could do legally," Mullen said, adding that he would like more authority to act in such cases. "We were not authorized to seize the weapons or do anything like that.' "

Don't count on it Mullen. We might hurt someone's feelings if we did that. I mean, God forbid that we actually seize our enemies' weapons shipments. That might actually be, I dunno, warlike. Ugh, the Messiah's starting out awesome...

This exercise by Iran is nothing more than an attempt to see how we're going to react. From what I can see, we just got an F. It appears that the One's idea of forceful diplomacy will be to say..."I dare you to cross this line...ok, this line...ok, this line...ok, this line...ok, this line..."

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