Monday, January 26, 2009

Hooray, we have a wannabe tax-evader as Treasury Secretary!

Is this really all that surprising? I mean, did anyone, including the most diehard conservative, really believe that this guy wouldn't get confirmed? A dominant Democratic voice in Congress, an unrepentant President and a spineless Republican opposition make for an easy appointment. Apparently, stupid goofs (though I still believe that this jackass evaded taxes on purpose) only hurt Republicans.

Well, Geithner won't be able to blame TurboTax if he gums up the economy further. Or maybe he will, and the American people will swallow another white lie, or are too blinded by the Messiah's burning bush beacon to care. With a 60-34 vote, it didn't even seem to be a problem.

"Some senators were concerned that Geithner, who would oversee the Internal Revenue Service, did not pay all of taxes until he had been tapped to the president's Cabinet. Geithner called it an unintentional oversight and settled his $42,702 overdue tax bill."

Apparently, a whole heck of a lot of senators didn't give a shit one way or another.

"Obama and others supporting Geithner's nomination said the nation couldn't afford to wait for Obama to search for another nominee to run the Treasury Department."

I don't see how we can afford to let this doofus get confirmed, but apparently I'm in the minority. Either the guy is a crook and intentionally evaded his taxes or the guy is unaware of surroundings and forgets things. I don't know what's scarier. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but this isn't average joe forgetting to put a zero on his tax form. We're talking about someone who is supposedly intimately familiar with the intricate workings of finance, which does involve taxes. Of course, the Messiah is riding the crest of history and it cannot wait for silly details such as competence, so we must all bow to his will. After all "he won."
In some ways, it's an interesting pick. If it blows up in his face, then we know who to blame. Unfortunately, the American people will be the one, as usual, who have to pick up the tab.

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