Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Messiah's first TV interview goes to...the Muslim world?

Although I have no issues with the Messiah going on Islamic TV (Dubya did it three times during his term), I do question him going hat in hand with no strength to back him up, especially given the aggressiveness that the religion has displayed in the world in the last couple of decades. Whether the West likes it or not, Islam is on the ascendency (partly because of the West's pacifistic response) and it would have been nice for the One to at least get some military or diplomatic victories under his belt before he goes hat in hand to the Muslim world.

"The interview underscored Obama's commitment to repair relations with the Muslim world that have suffered under the previous administration."

Hmmm...I wasn't aware that we had an obligation to repair relations, especially given the fact that we are at war with them (despite leftists' claims to the contrary). The relations suffered because, well, Muslims rammed planes into several of our buildings, killing several thousand people. That sort of thing tends to be a bit of a downer relationwise (note: heavy on the sarcasm).

" 'My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy,' Obama told the Saudi-owned, Al-Arabiya news channel, which is based in Dubai."

This is certainly a matter of debate. The Messiah's job regarding the Muslim world is really to make sure that they don't launch further attacks. Anything else is just a bonus. And yes, we are enemies. That's why we're at war. War makes enemies. To say otherwise is quite silly. Germany and France in two world wars, were enemies (though not now). They certainly weren't friends in 1914 or 1940. Why do we try to think differently?

"Obama called for a new partnership with the Muslim world 'based on mutual respect and mutual interest.' He talked about growing up in Indonesia, the Muslim world's most populous nation, and noted that he has Muslim relatives."

A partnership based on mutual respect and interest...Ok, what does this exactly mean? I look at the Muslim culture and ours and I don't see how there's much mutual anything. I know that we in the West are trying our damnedest to annhilate our culture, but the roots are there, nonetheless. One cannot simply pretend the culture doesn't exist. This statement seems more like a plea than anything else, something that will probably have negative consequences for this country in the future. The enemy smell weakness like sharks smell blood in the water.

"The president reiterated the U.S. commitment to Israel as an ally and to its right to defend itself. But he suggested that both Israel and the Palestinians have hard choices to make.
'I do believe that the moment is ripe for both sides to realize that the path that they are on is one that is not going to result in prosperity and security for their people' he said, calling for a Palestinian state that is contiguous with internal freedom of movement and can trade with neighboring countries

Not to be a spoilsport here, O Messiah, but Israel is already a very prosperous country with considerable security. To be blunt, the Israelis could militarily smash up the Middle East in a couple of weeks (maybe less) if they actually had to. The only thing that keeps them from doing that is us, since we like to interfere with any successful Israeli operation to defend itself. Last time I checked, the West Bank borders Jordan, which means that it has always had a trade link, if it wanted. Instead of building its infrastructure and economy, the Palestinians chose to build suicide bombers and martyrs. It comes down to choices and the Palis made bad ones. It's not Israel's fault. And this idea of "internal freedom of movement" is creepy. The reason why the Palestinians don't have complete freedom of movement is because they continuously launch suicide bomber attacks as well as missile strikes from Gaza. Perhaps the suicide attacks have been on the wane, but that's due more to Israel building a wall to separate them than anything the Palis have done. So until the Palestinians behave themselves, they don't have freedom of movement. The other option is to have Israel give up some of its land to set up a corridor, but I don't think that has a snowball's chance of happening (and they shouldn't have to give up land).

"Obama also said that recent statements and messages issued by the Al Qaeda terror network suggest they do not know how to deal with his new approach.
'They seem nervous,' he told the interviewer. 'What that tells me is that their ideas are bankrupt
.' "

Wow, this is the height of arrogance. The Messiah has been in office for about a week, and he has already won the war against al qaeda. It's as good as won, right? They're confused by his superior oratory and intellectual skills. Ok, reality check, is this guy serious?
They seem nervous? Al qaeda has been issuing communiques for the past decade, but only now can they be translated as worried? Al qaeda has a history of adjusting to each problem they come across and now suddenly, they are bankrupt of ideas. Wow, talk about delusional...

Ok, let's pretend for a moment (because I believe absolutely none of this) that it's true and that al qaeda, blinded by the dazzling brilliance of our Messiah, is now scared as hell. Now how do people react in truly desperate situations, you know, a "nothing to lose" scenario?

My guess is that they go out with a bang, literally and figuratively. They will pull off the biggest and nastiest thing they can think of because (and make no mistake about this) they hate our guts. If they go down, they will stop at nothing to take us with them.

It must be nice going through life with just empty optimism with nothing to back it up. Unfortunately, history has repeatedly shown that fate intervenes exactly when false hubris shows up on the scene.

For my final thought, I loved how AP injected its own interpretation of al qaeda's message at the end.

"The message suggested the terror network was worried Obama could undermine its rallying cry that the United States is an enemy oppressor. "

Really? So the AP has taken over intelligence duties for this country? Pure awesomeness. For a moment there, I was worried. Nah, the MSM is not biased at all.

I have a bad feeling that this country is going to pay a grievous price for all of the current false optimism that this administration, and the left in general, is already putting forth at this early hour. But then, that's the Left for you. All talk, all glitz, all sloganizing, but very little to no substance.

Overall, the interview seemed to be a mix of unnecessary pleading and naive optimism, plus a dangerous underestimation of the enemy, which is probably one of the worst combinations one can make.

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